A Gourmet trip to Paris without the expense! --- Bon appétit


Salade Daniel

Grilled chicken breast with Vandalia onion, balsamic vinegar, romaine lettuce, tomato garlic dressing and blue cheese.

Salade et Soupe

House salad served with choice soup of the day, French onion soup or spicy seafood gumbo.

Quiche of the Day


Salade Michelle

Large bed of mixed greens served with ham, turkey & bacon. Also with veggies, Feta cheese & marinated artichoke hearts, all with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

Croissant a la dinde

Turkey with cheese served on a flaky croissant with mayo and veggies and served with Ceasar Salad.

Filet de porc aux capres

Pork tenderloin breaded sautéed with lemon butter and capers.

Feuilleté de saucisson

Spicy sausage baked in puff pastry, served with spicy tomato sauce.

Brochette de boeuf

Tender pieces of beef tenderloin (prepared medium or medium rare) sautéed with veggies with brandy black peppercorn sauce.


Grilled ham and swiss cheese sandwich with a creamy Mornay sauce and sliced fresh tomato in the center.

Fresh Seafood May Change Daily

Truite Rouge Amandine

Fresh red trout filet sautéed with lemon butter and almonds.

Crawfish Pie

Crawfish tail meat with veggies and rice and with a touch of cayenne pepper, baked in a puff pastry served over a creamy lobster sauce.

Tilapia Creole

Fresh tilapia sautéed with bell peppers, onion, celery, tomato & garlic and a white wine , lemon and a touch of Tabasco sauce.


Escargots de Bourgogne

1/2 Dozen of snail served on a shell with garlic parsley butter.

Moules Mariniere

Canadian mussel in the shell poached with white wine butter and shallot sauce.

Coquille St. Jacques

Sea scallop breaded and sautéed over creamy lobster sauce.

Les patés Maison

Duck liver mousse and also porc pate and sausage baked in puff pastry served with dijon mustard.

Assiette de fromages

Assortment of six imported cheeses with fresh fruit.

Saumon Fumé

Norwegian cold smoked salmon served with caviar, capers, cream cheese, eggs and onion.

Soups & Salads

Soupe de soir

Soup of the evening.

Soupe a l’ oignon

Traditional french onion soup.

Seafood Gumbo

New Orleans style.

Salade Maison

House salad.

Salade Ceasar

Heart of romaine lettuce.

Salade du Gourmet

Chef’s may change daily.

Main Course

Tournedos au Poivre

Beef tenderloin served with Brandy black peppercorn sauce.

Carré d’ agneau

New Zealand rack of lamb with garlic sauce.

Porc Osso Bucco

Pork shank with apple, apple brandy, cream, mushroom and stock.

Entrecote Blackened

Rib eye steak seared with Cajun spice.

Canard à l’Orange

Half a duck roasted and boneless with orange grand marnier sauce.

Poulet Marsala

Large chicken breast breaded and sautéed with marsala wine, mushrooms and chicken stock.

All fish are fresh

Feuilleté de Saumon

Salmon baked in a puff pastry served with hollandaise

Tilapia Creole

Fresh tilapia sautéed with bell peppers, onion, celery and tomato and a white wine, lemon Tabasco sauce.

Truite Rouge Amandine

Fresh red trout filet sautéed with lemon butter and almonds.

Rouget cordon Rouge

Red snapper stuffed & breaded with smoked salmon and swiss cheese.

Assiette Nouvelle Orléans

Crawfish pie, blackened catfish, chicken jambalaya.